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Micro Commercial Beer Brewing/ Brewery Equipment

Welcome to wholesale micro commercial beer brewing/ brewery equipment from us. We are one of the best micro commercial beer brewing/ brewery equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China. Small micro commercial beer brewing/brewery equipment, beer fermenter/fermentation tanks for sale 1....
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Welcome to wholesale micro commercial beer brewing/ brewery equipment from us. We are one of the best micro commercial beer brewing/ brewery equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China.

Small micro commercial beer brewing/brewery equipment, beer fermenter/fermentation tanks for sale

1. Malting: In this phase the malt is ground to extract its contents. Special mills are used in malting because it is important that the shell be as whole as possible to avoid the extraction of unwanted substances in the process. 
2. Wort boiling: The wort is boiled in a tank with a vapor heating system. The hops, which give the beer its characteristic bitterness, are added during the boiling process. This phase of the process gives a defined stable flavor. 
3. Wort filtration: Once the wort has been extracted in the macerator, the shell needs to be separated with specially designed filters. The most commonly used filters are the ones with a false bottom that have small slots through which the filtered wort can run. 
4. Wort cooling: This process is done using a cooler made from stainless steel plates. Canals in the plates make it possible to transfer the heat between the cooling elements and the juice. The clarified wort must be cold when the yeast is pitched as this is what will transform the wort into beer. 
5. Fermentation: The fermentation is carried out by yeast cells that transform the wort into beer. Yeast is a onecell organism that reproduces when it is fed the sugar, amino acids and minerals found in the wort. The byproducts of this process are alcohol and carbon dioxide. Once the nutrients in the wort have been consumed, the yeast cells group and later settle to separate from the beer. The fermentation temperature is an important factor that affects the flavor and color of beer, which is why modern tanks require special controls. 
6. Ripening: The final flavor of the product is acquired during the ripening process. The final flavor is produced at very low temperatures of about 0° C. After several weeks of resting during the ripening process, which produces flavor, the beer is ready for the last phase of the process.

Main Technical Parameters MW-2BBL MW-5BBL MW-7BBL MW-8.5BBL MW-10BBL MW-15BBL MW-20BBL MW-25BBL MW-30BBL MW-40BBL MW-50BBL
Working Volume ( BBL ) 2 5 7 8.5 10 15 20 25 30 40 50
Material  high quality SUS304 , High precision polishing.
Recommend the bar, hotel for visiting could choose copper for outside skin
Inner Tank Diameter ( mm ) 800 1000 1150 1300 1200 1500 1600 1700 1700 1900 2150
Cylindrical  Height  ( mm ) 600 750 750 750 1000 1000 1220 1220 1500 1500 1500
The external diameter of tank ( mm ) The inner cylinder diameter+Insulation*2
(Overall jacket : The inner cylinder diameter+Insulation*2+Overall jacket thickness*2)
The reference height  ( mm ) The whole system is designed on the basis of beautiful appearance
Inner surface roughness Mirror polish , Ra≤0.22μm
Head surface roughness Mirror polish/Matt wiredrawing processing
Top head type DHA/DHB
Bottom head type Flat bottom or 120º ~ 185º cone
Heating type Heating type : Electric heating,gas heating or steam heating
Jacket type : If it is electric heating or gas heating,will choose overall jacket.
If steam heating,will choose Miller plate jacket
Heating area To meet the requirements of boiling process
The material of insulation Anti - aging polyurethane Pearl ( PU )
Insulation thickness ( mm ) 50/80/100
Outside skin Stainless steel 2B board/Mirro polish/Matt wiredrawing processing ,
Thickness=2mm , if need,could choose copper for outside
Exhaust funnel Specifications : Tri-clampΦ76/Φ89/Φ102/Φ133/Φ159/Φ219/Φ300 , Outlet condensate water
Top manhole DN300,DN350,DN400,DN500,DN600 could be chose , with sight glass ,
Also could choose wheeled double doors
Adjustable feet 3 or 4 , Round legs , Adjustable height
Could be chose Agitator Paddle mixing ( Whether you need to mix should be based on requirements )
Transmission equipment Brand motor , 0.25 ~ 15kw
Reducer , chould choose vertical type or horizontal type
Put on the top or at the bottom , packing seal/mechanical seal
Wort inlet Specifications : Tri-clampΦ32/Φ38/Φ51 , winding pipe  near the inner
Spray ball Specifications : Tri-clampΦ63/Φ76/Φ89 , choose Tri- clamp connection ,
detachable , 360° full range of cleaning , install on the top
Wort outlet Specifications : Tri-clampΦ25/Φ32/Φ38/Φ51
Drain hole Specifications : Tri-clampΦ25/Φ32/Φ38/Φ51
Circular hole Specifications : Tri-clampΦ25/Φ32/Φ38/Φ51
Circulation tangent tube Specifications : Tri-clampΦ25/Φ32/Φ38/Φ51 , near the inner
Sight light Specifications : DN80 , Flange , 220V/25W
Thermometer hole Specifications : M12X1.5 ( Digital display ) /M27X2 or Tri-clmap Φ32
Vent hole Specifications : Tri-clampΦ25/Φ32/Φ38/Φ51
Jacket Inlet/Outlet Metric thread /English screw/American standard thread
LOGO Nameplate Laser engraving  , Detailed content 
Port,valve With German technology and automatic welding  ,
Specifications : Tri-clampΦ25/Φ32/Φ38/Φ51 ,
Manual butter-fly valve , Pneumatic butterfly valve  , solenoid valve could be chose
Electric accessory,authentication Control box voltage : 380V/3Ph/50Hz , 240V/3Ph/60Hz , 240V/1Ph/60Hz , 415V/3Ph/50Hz
CE , UL , ISO certificate
Remark If the guest put forward special requirements according to customer requirements tailored

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